Susan Dalgety at the Forth Valley Feminist Women’s Festival 2023

Susan Dalgety spoke at the Forth Valley Feminist 2023 Women’s Festival about whether compromise is possible when it comes to Gender Reform. Susan is a Scotsman columnist, writer, former Labour councillor and a doting granny – she is angry at how so many politicians have let down our girls.

Susan Dalgety’s talk was inspired by the renowned Johann Lamont, former Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, and the cowardice of politicians such as Anas Sarwar, the current Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, who has let down women and girls in Scotland.

Self-ID is an ill-thought-out policy that ignores the human rights and ability of women to set boundaries. The Self-ID aspect of the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill has raised concerns over predatory men taking advantage and the impact it has on survivors of sexual assault who must endure perpetrators being referred to as women.

Nicola Sturgeon was looking for evidence? Adam Graham has provided that evidence and brought the topic to the forefront of public attention. Scotland has now peaked on this issue, and the public is on the side of women’s rights.

However, the 2004 Gender Recognition Act (GRA) is not going to be repealed and a similar bill will return to Scotland in some form when the Labour Party wins, as Keir Starmer has promised to modernise the GRA.

Given this situation, there are a number of vitally important steps we need to take:

  • It is crucial that the Equality Act be updated to provide clarity on the operation of the Equality Act, with the definition of sex being biological sex unmodified by a GRC. Gender critical members of political parties should work to include this in their manifestos and advocate for change through their branches and by speaking to their members of parliament.
  • In addition, there must be no male-bodied individuals in women’s prisons and no male-bodied individuals providing care for those women who ask for female care or those who cannot ask for it themselves.
  • The rights of lesbians must be protected
  • Children and young people must be protected from extreme gender ideology and no child under 18 should be given puberty blockers, hormones, or surgery except for strict medical reasons, that are unrelated to gender ideology.

Susan Dalgety argues that the 2004 GRA will not be repealed and, moreover, a modernising bill will return to Scotland when a new Labour Government enters Westminster. We must prepare for that eventuality. It is vital that the public, political parties, and the courts take a stance on this issue to ensure the protection of women’s rights and the safeguarding of the next generation.

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