Eva Comrie at the Forth Valley Feminist Women’s Festival 2023

Eva Comrie was the introductory speaker at the opening session of the Forth Valley Feminist 2023 Women’s Conference. She is a lawyer, the national Equalities Convener at ALBA Party, and a one-legged woman who won’t wheesht!

Eva recounted her apprehension in 2022 regarding the upcoming year. Although telling the truth in Scotland has become a revolutionary act, we continue to do so. We have been burnished to steel. 

We were told there is no evidence to support the claim that abusive men have ever assumed an identity to victimise women. We have stood and protested in front of the Cornton Vale women’s prison, but this has not been covered by the media. There were men incarcerated there, and it is possible that some remain. Eva thanked the women who have supported us, especially Ash Regan, the SNP representative for Edinburgh Eastern.

Women who wore scarves associated with the suffragette movement were expelled from our Parliament, while those who wore rainbow-coloured scarves were permitted to remain. What does it say about the state of democracy in Scotland when access to the Scottish Parliament building is denied to anyone who does not prescribe to a specific ideology? The man with a dubious resume and dyed hair who was stood on that balcony has been embraced by our legislators to the point that the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, Alex Cole-Hamilton, MSP for Edinburgh Western, declared that they had passed legislation for him personally with the phrase “we did it for you, Beth.” This occurred without any consideration for the women Beth has abused. Then there were the offensive and threatening signs, which several legislators “failed to see”.

Those who disagree with our political leaders are blocked by them. To maintain its position in the government, the Scottish National Party relies on the Scottish Green Party for parliamentary support and the Scottish Green Party is committed to gender ideology.

Our political leaders have the audacity to go on television and repeat the mantra that we must begin with the premise that any man who claims to be a woman is a woman, regardless of whether the man is being sentenced to prison. This position has been held by Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, and Leader of the SNP, since the beginning; however, it is becoming impossible to maintain. Would they hold the same opinion if their daughters or sisters were imprisoned alongside these men? We should be able to say “sex, not gender” when selecting a carer in a hospital or nursing home. No woman should ever be required to defend the need for single-sex exemptions. The reasons for them are not a secret to anyone.

Eva’s speech was a call to action for women to continue advocating for their rights and speaking the truth in the face of adversity. She ended her speech by saying that we will never stop fighting for the rights of Scottish women and the dignity of our nation, nor will we ever wheesht.

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